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Make a change and Jazz up your life!

Are you tired of wearing the same old clothes in your closet? Do you always choose the same old thing to wear? How about stepping out of your comfort zone and adding a little spice to your life.

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time.

The secret lies in choosing a piece of clothing, even an “old” piece and adding the right Shaper- your little secret , and accessories to upgrade that looking dress in your closet or downgrade that fabulous evening dress.



Ways to downgrade:

  • Add a vest, jacket or a shirt made of jean material
  • Add Accessories in shades of brown and Gray
  • Flat shoes
  • Add Rough or matte textures

Ways to upgrade:

  • Buttoned vest or jacket
  • Wearing a waist cincher to highlight your body curves.
  • Dark colors
  • High Heels (even small)
  • Accessories that shimmer or shine
  • Butt Lifter Comfortable Jeans with accessories on it
  • Bright textures




The above dresses are an example, but these rules also apply to pants, skirts and shirts.

There are thousands of different options.

If you did not like the items we chose, that's fine. Use it only for inspiration for different types of combinations that you can do with your wardrobe at home!  

There is one accessory that will change not only how your clothes look but also how your body looks. This accessory is a must in every closet- The CINCHER.

The CINCHER will reshape your body in to the curves you have always wanted. Comfortable and elegant, this undergarment will make you feel not only sexy on the inside but beautiful on the outside!


Start thinking about what you would like to buy on your next shopping round, and make sure you buy the cincher! :-)


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