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Shaped Up to Win


Oh how wonderful it is to get out on your bed in the morning, eat whatever your palate may desire and still look perfectly great getting into your body hugging wardrobe. However, not everyone is that lucky to enjoy that kind of luxury including me.

Being born with a bit over than average frame and being convinced that I look cute as I grow up with those extra baby fat here and there, I thought that everything was fine ‘til I reached my teenage years. The “well that is fine” attitude has eventually faded a little everyday as I learn to browse the internet and open those fashion magazines. I murmur how life is not so fair with individuals like me but then as I reached some level of maturity I learn how to embrace those extra curves and accept the authenticity of our individuality and I became little more loving to myself.

What I mean with a little more loving is accepting my imperfection but entertaining change and making allowances for improvements. With the advancement of technology today, we have too many options to choose from, there are people who call it vanity but to those who wants to live life to the fullest it is necessity. It has become necessity as power dressing or confidence dressing makes a huge wave in climbing up career ladders. 

As how Erasmus put it, “Clothes make the man” and even an image expert Sandy Dumont considers the art of “Old Money” power dressing to be the key to her client’s success. But how can it be possible if the bulges on your midriff are to overpowering just like mine? Well, balance diet and exercise is still the best option however, there are things that can’t wait that long and have to get fixed as soon possible, especially if you really need to land that dream job tomorrow.

The best part of being born in this generation is that we are benefactors of best products and being in perfect shape doesn’t always mean you need to go under knife.  Therefore, it is up to you as to how you can boost your confidence and exude the sexiness in you. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published on their website, one of the breakthrough in science as they discovered how our brain works, as we get dressed and they call it “enclothed cognition”. This theory states that our mind sets symbolism for the type of clothes we wear as well as the color and type of fabric used in it. Therefore, waist cincher corset can easily pull off the inner diva underneath your skin, as we know how its magic works in highlighting our curves and defining our body’s sexy silhouette.

Say goodbye to the morning blues and stop beating yourself when your sweet tooth is craving for something because waist trainer is here to stay. Well, it is not a license to drop your workout and pig out whenever you want. Nevertheless, this alternative is here for us to enjoy if we need an instant fix and a good kick to our confidence like on that first date with Mr. Hotshot.

Some may still say that it is just vanity but who cares? What matter is it help us to carry ourselves with the punch of confidence and a perfect smile that says we are so ready to face the day ahead.

  • Anita says...

    Thank you for your story! I defenetly felt the same way! I use your virtual sensuality printed waist trainer and Im absolutely in love with this garment! I wear it each and every day (to work, home and gym) and I fell awsom! I get lots of compliments for my body and how well shaped it is ! thank you for sharing your story and for bringing such a great product to my life !!

    On July 04, 2015

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