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Insecurity Proof Summer


It’s bikini season again and it is not only the weather that announces it. Open the television, that magazine on the coffee table, your computer and even your phone. The colorful two-pieces, the maxi dresses and short shorts are everywhere. If you are a size zero, I bet this season is just like any other but what if you're a plus size woman?

I for one, is on the other side hoping and wishing that one day I can wear whatever I want when summer arrives. But just like this meme that I found on Twitter two days ago I have a little problem.


Funny that during summer we all felt obligated to fit in specific figure. I just laugh it off but I know a lot of us can relate for at one point or another we all felt this "pressure", like the person behind this meme.

Well, I am not against with anyone who are really doing double effort to achieve their goal this summer, I salute you guys. But for this article, I want to at least lighten up the pressure of insecurity, the plus size society feels, because I’m telling you guys - it is not easy – take it from the one who walked the same road.

I will not share any black potion here or a magical dust, like the one Cinderella's fairy-godmother has. But I will share at least my tested ways to make your summer insecurity proof. Anyway, we all deserve to have a colorful summer, right?!

#1 Wear Summer On Your Sleeves

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It might be upsetting that you cannot sport the Victoria Secret Angel’s super revealing two piece. But don’t allow it to steal the fun of summer just yet. Be more playful with the prints and type of garments.  Sure we don’t have that perfect hourglass figure but that doesn’t mean we cannot achieve that oozing hot look.

And to make you feel more confident you can also wear body shapers underneath. Choose the ones that gives you the right compression for a seamless silhouette. You can also check waist trainers that are working double time for you, as they give you instant hourglass figure and act as sweat enhancer which gives you a lasting effect in the long run. Especially if you are also contemplating of burning those extra pounds gradually.


#2 Wear Always Your Timeless Accessory 

Bangles, necklace, earrings and statement rings are all good and there’s nothing wrong putting them on in moderation. But when we say “Timeless Accessory” what we meant is your perfect SMILE. Because the effort you put up to have that perfect outfit still boils down on how you carry yourself. And nothing beats the charm of a lady wearing a confident smile as she reflects how she love herself and nothing or no one can make it any less. 

#3 Be Receptive To Change

If right type of clothing and positive pep talk did not silence that conviction within, which says you still have to do something extra, then listen to that small voice. After all, no one can really make you decide to push yourself a little further. You are the one who really know if you are not living a healthy lifestyle lately. So if that disappointment because you can’t fit in to that perfect bikini you saw on sale, can fuel your desire to get in shape and motivate you to have that healthy turn, then why not? Go for it and start NOW while that conviction is still strong.

Here are some practical help you can look at as you start your fitness journey: 

Personal Fitness Guide ; Easy Habits That Will Keep You Fit

The bottom line is, do whatever that makes you feel happy this summer and don’t just go with the flow. Sometimes, the pressure to fit in make us do things where we can’t really commit our 100% effort to. So before you took that plunge ask yourself first,

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