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Corset: The Secret of Feminine Silhouette

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Fashion trends changes from time to time as the market evolves. But there are some fashion pieces that have withstand the test of time and even on the day of modern cosmopolitan they remain relevant. And one of these pieces is the subject of this blog, CORSET!

The word corset was coined from the Old French word corps which originated from the Latin word corpus that means body. The history of corset was deep and rich, it was first used to hold and train the torso into a desired shape for aesthetic or medical purposes. Both men and women uses corset but the trade was dominantly for the women.

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So what is the reason why corset gravitate women’s curiosity? Well, admit it or not we all desired to have that hourglass figure once in a while. And corset was made to help women achieve the desired fashionable silhouette. There are different types of corset but the most common or regarded as regular corset is the cincher, it covers the waist area - from low on the ribs to just above the hips. Originally corset is not worn directly next to the skin, before a light chemise and now lace liners are used beneath the corset to avoid rope burn from the corset's laces.

Tightlacing or wearing a tightly-laced corset for longer period of time which is now known as waist training, help both men and women tolerate strong waist constriction which eventually reduce their waist size. Though corsets are made to give body compression still the wearer should be able to move fluidly and freely that is the major consideration in corsetry or corset making.

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In conclusion, tracking back colorful history of cincher proves that women always have that soft spot for achieving that feminine curve no matter what generation they are in. And corset only proves that there is always a way to achieve what you like as long as you are willing to pay the price. Sucking in all the excess flab is not easy yet it is possible with the right cincher in your hand. If corset have helped the generation before us to be more confident on carrying themselves then why we need to deprive ourselves from the same benefits if cinchers are here to stay?!

Remember, we cannot choose what type of body frame we will have when we were born but we do have freedom to choose how we will improve and take good care of our body. As the saying goes, take care of your body for you cannot have another, with that I will leave you to decide whether to go or not to go for that feminine silhouette you CAN have.

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